:: one finished, one in progress ::

So, right now I am in between jobs. That’s the optimistic version of saying that I’m without a job.
Not that I care to much, I very very much enjoy being in the Netherlands again and having time to visit friends, drinking lots of good quality coffee, having hot showers and finish craft projects I once started.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, that is how my new friend, a Wee Wonderful doll, came into being.
My very first three dimensional doll. I mean, different from the ones I made before, by sewing two sides together. This one is big and has body, and I like her!
Some parts of the process where a little challenging, the hairdo for example, and the sleeves of her dress. ¬†But we – doll and I – survived! The Wee Wonderful pattern is to be found over here. And, I picked up a new crochet project, a blanket, to reward¬†myself for having finished an ‘old’ project.

Just kidding.


Few days ago I had a really nice job interview and they invited me to have a second conversation, hurray! So off course I’m really excited and enjoying my – still abundant – craft time. Because, who knows.. I might have a job soon!