:: weekend ::

Wow, the sun has been shining a lot around here! And that really was very welcome, because I went to Zeeland with friends for the weekend to enjoy the Dutch beaches and dunes.. We had a great time walking along shores, seeing lots of windmills and a lighthouse, eating fish and enjoying things so typical for Zeeland. During the weekend I also finished the cross stitch thing I made my sister and brother in law. Quite pleased with the result and hope they like it. Fingers crossed x.

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:: the return of the cross stitch ::


So, my sister – one of the three – and her hubby got married last October.

They had a great day and they looked amazing! Because I was in Ethiopia at that time, I didn’t manage to find a personal gift, nor make one… shame on me!  So here I am, almost half a year later, trying my utmost best to cross stich a personal gift.  She likes blue, we both do. And I found an unlimited cross stitch source in Pinterest, and the best part is that most floral borders I found are for free.. hurray!

Now the finishing part. Still waiting for inspiration to finish the borders..

I just remembered cross stitching in primary school, lots of fun, long time ago. Have you tried cross stitch?