:: creme de menthe ::


To be completely honest, it’s not my colour. At all.

But a dear friend of mine asked me to sew her a knitting bag for her birthday, and you know, just because I like her so much I decided to dive in the ocean of ‘crème de menthe’, because she looooves it.  Few years ago I saw the lunch bag made by Ayumi, which now popped into my mind while thinking of what kind of bag to make. So that choice was not hard to make. The pattern really simple to follow, but I altered dimensions and insisted on adding piping trim, which caused me quite some frustrations.

So it turned out okay. I like the colour combo and I like the measurements. I don’t like the rim, but I’m trying to comfort myself with the idea that a bag should look as if it is handmade and not a ‘made in China’.

Hope she thinks in the same way.

IMG_8050 IMG_8044

Oh, and look at that small pocket inside.. I like that too!

The bunnies don’t come with the bag, but I crocheted them with My Boshi – a kapok cotton blend – that makes the toys washable and therefore very suitable for small children. The pattern you can find here. IMG_8042


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