:: sweet Mulu ::

Fullscreen capture 272014 30758 PM

Ever since I was in Ethiopia, someone who became a dear friend to me, asked me to make her a doll after she saw some of my creations. The doll definitely had to have a purple dress! I promised her to make her one, took out the sewing machine, then failed and quit. But you know, promises should be kept, so here I am roughly half a year later. And I made her a doll with purple clothes, and guess what? It eventually took me less than a day!

As always the thinking bit took the most time. I really wanted to make her look like the Ethiopian dollies that I doodled on practically every piece of paper that passed my hands. Girls with really swirly hear. But then, could one produce such hairdo with only yarn.. Hmm, big dilemma. So I tried wool felt in stead of yarn, and put some stuffing between two layers of felt, after which I swirled along with my (borrowed) sewing machine. Poor Mulu’s face was done twice before it satisfied me, and now I’m quit pleased with the result. But then again, which mother doesn’t find her darling child attractive?

Sorry for the poor photo quality by the way. Iphone. Will change it later.


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