:: happy holidays ::

Holidays are here!
Since childhood I’ve come to love the folded paper stars, better known as Danish stars. You know what I mean; those three dimensional red and white coloured ones. Growing up in rural Tanzania in the eighties, there was little (or actually no) decoration material to be bought anywhere. So we beautified our holidays with homemade accessories like those paper stars. Little did I know that I would try to make them myself some twenty-five years later, in rural Ethiopia, and that I would succeed!
Although the (somewhat rough, newspaper alike) paper of a magazine might not have been the most easy option, for me it surely had the prettiest result. First I searched the magazine for suitable pages, then I cut the pages in strips (all strips have to be even) and after some practicing, stars started to appear! My personal goal in the end was to make them as small as possible.. Like to make your own stars? The tutorial that I used was this one.
Oh that magazine. It must be the most read, used and recycled magazine from my shelf.

Happy holidays!


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